Tree Trimming/Pruning

Tree trimming should only be done by a professional trained company. Tree Service Grapevine takes pride in the fact that we have trained arborist able to diagnose the right tree trimming for your trees. Remember that tree trimming is similar to surgery and should only be done by a tree surgeon. Improper cuts can lead to tree disease and insect infestation. In addition to tree disease improper pruning tactics can also lead to storm damage or wind damage. Whenever a tree is over thinned because of bad trimming practices it causes the limbs or branches to grow thin and brittle. The proper way to prune a tree is to cutback new sprouts that are growing underneath the branches. It saves you money and is extremely cost-efficient if you do it once a year on a regular basis. You should try to avoid cutting main vascular systems unless if conducive for the protection of your home. For a proper cosmetic look, a cut back to round off the branches and balance the trees weight is necessary. Overall whenever the proper tree surgery is performed on your trees you reduce the risk of water retention from rainy seasons or monsoons. Remember the trees evaporate water through the leaf foliage. Cutting back your trees or reducing them too much during any season can result in water being trapped in the vascular system, the main stem and not being able to evaporate properly because of the leaf foliage missing. To avoid this costly mistake that could cause the life of your tree contract a trained professional tree trimming company like Tree Service Grapevine.

There are several correct ways to properly thinning your tree. One of the most efficient is simply to raise the canopy by cutting the new sprouts that grow at the main base towards the bottom. This keeps the tree balanced out if proper pruning tactics have been used in the past. Raising the canopy is normally a cost-efficient way to maintain an overall good appearance and great overall health. If anything needs to occur up the canopy or throughout the canopy leading to the crown it should be done with only removing less than 10% of the overall tree mass at any one given time.