Tree Disease Grapevine, TX.

North Texas soil has a tendency to be condense if not treated correctly. This can cause problems with your root system and potentially end up in tree disease for your plantation. In addition sick trees in North Texas can vary from species to species. Take for example Texas red Oaks, normally they are subject to oak wilt. Elm trees in North Texas and also suffer the devastating effects of Dutch Elm disease. Fruit trees from time to time can also run a couple of trees ease to name one fire blight.

If you have cypress trees or any type of needle leaf trees you could be suffering the effects of tip blight. It doesn’t matter what tree species you have in your plantation eventually tree disease or insects can affect them in any season of the year.
Best way to combat these diseases are to simply not let it get out of control. If you notice browning on the leaves or yellowing it’s time to call in the professionals. Tree Service Grapevine has a great arbor care team that has been fighting and combating tree disease for the past 10 years with a high level of success.
In your first initial evaluation the cost is $125 diagnosing fee. A certified tree doctor will visit your location and get you the proper diagnosing on your trees or shrubs in question.
Here is the process:
  • Evaluation of the crown
  • Evaluation of the canopy
  • Evaluation of the branches
  • Evaluation of the main vascular
  • Valuation of the roof flare
  • Evaluation of the root system
  • Evaluation of the leaf foliage
  • Evaluation of the soil
To include a complete questionnaire on how you maintain your trees to better understand the environment in which they live in. At the end of our evaluation process we should have a diagnosing for you to see why or what are the conditions of your unhealthy trees.

It’s essentially important for you to at least once a year contract the services of a certified arborist at Tree Service Grapevine. This will help you protect your plantation from any invasion of insects or future tree disease that could decimate your tree population.

There are three common treatments for tree disease:
  1. Spraying directly onto the Leaf foliage
  2. Micro injections into the vascular system
  3. Deep-rooted injections into the soil
All of these methods are extremely effective and can and will eradicate disease on your trees. If you’re experiencing sick trees or unhealthy plantation please contact Tree Service Grapevine today.