In-House Arborist

When contracting a tree service company it’s essential to ask them if they have a trained and certified arborist on staff. Tree Service Grapevine has four in-house arborist that are ready to diagnose your trees at any given moment. Being able to diagnose and treat for multiple tree disease and sick trees to include shrubs. We specialize in urban trees and urban tree management. Well trained and experienced, identifying oak-wilt, bacterial leaf scorch, dutch elms fungus, fire blight, tip blight, canker, root rot and an array of all types of sick tree disease. Unhealthy trees will normally be stressed and start to produce premature leaf foliage. If you notice your leaves turning yellow, brown or simply falling off the tree out of season. It’s time to call the trained professional to come out and treat your trees today.

Treating tree disease and maintaining your trees overall healthy growing patterns is fairly easy. The first thing to do is to get a diagnosing of your plantation to ensure that no disease or insects are operating with in its vascular system for the root system. This can simply be done by calling our office today and scheduling an appointment. In this first evaluation the tree arborist will identify if there  are issues that’s causing stress to happen on your trees and be able to give you a good diagnosing and treatment. Treatments will vary, depending on the disease and the severity of the tree species. In most cases micro-injections will be used to treat vascular problems on your tree. This is a great way to get either the pesticides or the nutrients into the tree as quick as possible. Tapping into the cambium of the tree wall then micro-injecting will then be flushed all through the tree in a matter of a day. The natural vascular system of the tree will flow the medicine to every branch and every part. In most cases micro-injections are not expensive and affordable to the customer. Another alternative is deep root feeding which are injections to go into the soil at the base of the tree where the root system is. Deep Root feeding is not as effective Micro injections but if you’re on a bootstrap budget they are a great alternative. Call our office today to get your diagnosing scheduled.

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