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What Tree Service Grapevine Provides:

Arborist/Tree Doctor

Four-star urban trees can be subject to treat disease at any given time of the year especially during the hot summer months. If you’re concerned that tree disease might be operating on your plantation we have in house trained arborist that can diagnose just about any arbor care problems you might be experiencing. We have the proper procedures and protocols to treat sick trees in Grapevine Texas. Our arbor care team has the experience and the knowledge to include the right techniques available in the tree industry today. You’re unhealthy trees need proper attention and in some cases depending on the tree disease operating need attention immediately! We also specialize in insect infestation being able to diagnose different insect species by one of our trained tree doctors.

Tree Doctors

Land Clearing

Tree Service Grapevine offers great solutions when it comes to your next land clearing or brush removal project. We have the proper equipment and the experience working well over 30 individually different land clearing projects. It doesn’t matter if it’s a large 10 acre property or simply a lot that needs brush removal in Grapevine. Our land clearing development team brings real solutions to combating whatever challenges you might have on your land clearing project. We also offer in-house engineers and arborist to help you with your land development. With all the right equipment to include bulldozers, bobcats, dump trucks and large tractors. Will make your next land clearing job an easy one.

Lot Clearing/Brush Removal

Stump Grinding

Traditional stump removal is very expensive and time-consuming, not to mention very labor constricting. Try the new approach by using one of our stump grinding teams to remove those unwanted unsightly stumps from your property in a matter of minutes. Compared to the more traditional way of removing stumps, it’s an affordable solution that most homeowners and business facility managers prefer. If you have stump grinding on your property give us a call today we can help assist you in removing not just the stump but also the roof flare and the root system. Remember if you have recently done any tree removal, stumps can continue to grow underneath your foundation and cause problems in the future. Contract Tree Service Grapevine, we specialize in stump grinding.

Stump Removal

Tree Disease

Tree disease can be a serious issue that can affect any tree in your plantation any given season. Most trees are subject to fungus and disease right after spring going into the early parts of summer. It’s imperative to keep your trees healthy year-round to contract one of our trained professional tree doctors to bring proper diagnosing your plantation. We are trained in the latest technology with microinjections and also in deep root fertilization. You will find our tree doctors to be extremely educational in the whole overall process of your trees and shrubs. We also have standing track record being able to diagnose just about any insect on your plantation and bring real solutions to eliminating them. All of the starts off with a simple diagnosing from a trained arborist from tree service Grapevine.

Treating Sick Trees

Tree Removal

Tree Service Grapevine offers one of the safest tree removing teams in the tree industry. We carefully follow all guidelines laid out by the state and also safety regulations by OSHA. We understand that tree removal is very dangerous work and should only be done by trained professionals, they continue their education in the proper management of removing trees. If you have a small or large tree removal, call a safe company. Tree Service Grapevine, insured and bonded and also has passed it’s ISA guidelines test for proper tree removal protocols. All staff are supervise while on your property. We also use safety ropes to make sure that no branch is dropped off the tree when cutting and is easily hoisted down to one of our trained professional ground workers. For safe and affordable tree removal call Tree Service Grapevine.

Tree Removing

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming should only be done by a trained professional that understands the importance of where exactly to cut your branches. Tree Service Grapevine will first identify the species and see what season would be best to preform tree trimming. Addition in your free estimate we’ll also educate you on the proper pruning tactics that are so critical to your overall tree’s health. Improper cuts can conduce tree disease either from fungus from open wounds or from insects that will incubate on the hardwood of the tree. In either case it could be detrimental to your trees overall well-being. Understanding the proper time to prove your trees and how to perform tree surgery is the first step. In addition we have very affordable pricing and availability.

Tree Pruning

Trying to choose the right tree service company to perform any tree work on your property can be daunting. Affordability is not always the best approach. There’s an old saying you get exactly what you paid for. If you’re looking for a quality tree service in Grapevine, Texas that has a track record for safety and protect your property while performing tree service work. Tree Service Grapevine is the right solution for residential and commercial clients in DFW. We offer our array of services to our clients with an unparalleled in customer service. Our staff is trained consistently, well-informed, competent and our estimators when approaching you for the first time are trustworthy! Our goal is to give you quality for your most prized possession in your landscape your precious trees. We take pride that we are a tree conservation company, forest management and viewed as one of the best Arbor care solutions in Grapevine, Texas. We have in-house tree doctors ready to diagnose tree disease or just a routine quarterly check on your plantation. We also offer affordable payment plans for larger jobs like land clearing or planting. We are privately owned and operated by Arborist USA, a leading Arbor care in America, with a local office in Grapevine, Texas. For simple tree diagnosing or complex tree planting and safe tree removal and trimming. Tree Service Grapevine is the right choice for all your tree service needs.